semi coke
Product: semi coke
Semi coke is made of fine quality fired Jurassic coal from Shenfu coalfield. It is a new type of carbon material, it can partially replace metallurgical coke in the production of calcium carbide, ferroalloy, ferrosilicon, ferronickel, silicon carbide etc. Fixed carbon 83% Sulphur 0.34% Ash 7-9% Phosphorus 0.005% Volatile matter 7-9% Moisture 17% Size 0-6mm, 6-18mm, 18-35mm, 35-60mm
As a new kind of Carbonaceous material, it is widely used in the production of calcium Carbide, ferrosilicon, Silicon carbide and so on, because of its high fixed carbon, high resistance, high chemical activity, low ash content, low aluminum, low sulfur and low phosphorus. Blue charcoal can replace Coke and is widely used in chemical industry, smelting and gas making.
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